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We believe that you can taste true passion.

How is a unique coffee experience created?

The secret of the craft is the quality of the ingredients, the precise production and a lot of love. You can find out more about the art of coffee and our brewing process here!

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Oriental & Continental Harmony

We strive to offer our guests unique culinary creations - you can enjoy a leisurely brunch, warm and filling, oriental-inspired dishes or drop by in the afternoon for a piece of cake. Many of our dishes and cakes are vegan!

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Drinks that you are guaranteed to only find here!

"ANIIS comes from Arabic and means "good friend" or "loyal companion". This is the feeling ee want to convey to you, our guests."

- Rachid El Ofairi

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Since 2015, ANIIS has been the place in Frankfurt for coffee lovers & connoisseurs. Our goal is to bring you closer to the art of coffee and the fascination for the craft.

Craving for a new delight?

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