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Coffee Culture

Why does our coffee taste so unique?

Specialty Coffee.

"Third Wave Coffee" refers to the reflection on the quality, origin and cultivation of the coffee. Proper preparation is particularly important. We obtain our coffee seasonally and fresh directly after the harvest from the cooperatives in the countries of origin.

How is the perfect coffee made?

1 / Proper Roasting

In order to preserve the individual aromas and notes, our coffees are roasted longer and milder in our roasters. Light roasting is complete after 15 minutes at 207°C.

2 / Professional Baristas

Our mills are reset every morning and readjusted over the course of the day. Our baby, the La Marzocco machine, and our trained baristi perfect the production of the coffee.

3 / The Art is the Science

With weighed beans and filtered water heated to 97°C, the result is a hand-brewed taste experience that you should definitely try pure - without milk and sugar.

❤ Love & Passion

With love and passion for the craft and art of coffee, we aim to offer you incomparable enjoyment.

Craving for a new delight?

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